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Bihar is situated in the East of India and is ranked as the 13th largest state of India covering an area of about  94,163 km2 (36,357 sq mi) and is ranked as the 3rd largest by population; its population is the fastest-growing of any state in India. When we talk about ancient and cultural India Bihar remains the center of attraction.  Four out of the five greatest emperors in India belonged to this part,  namely Samudragupta, Ashoka, Vikramaditya and Chandragupta Maurya. Bihar mostly inhabits young blood, as about 58% of Bihar population in under the age of 25. Bihar, being a center of attraction for a young bride to find work, many youngsters migrate here to find better opportunities for their future. Biharis being hungry for prestige finds it very appealing to work in Bihar and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Jobs In Bihar In Government Sector

Most people desire to get a government job in whichever field they belong. Construction based jobs are in the most limelight when it comes to opportunities in Bihar. Thus, engineers are mostly required to fill the positions in the construction area. Other most recruited jobs in Bihar are Related Jobs In Bihar
  • Transport: Government jobs in transport are recruited very often and many Biharis get benefits from such opportunities.
  • Disaster management: As natural disasters can inevitable and nothing can be done to prevent the damage caused by such disasters, Government of Bihar pays extra attention to minimize the damage by training the public and developing policies to provide aid after such misfortunate events.
  • Medical Services: Doctors and Pharmacists get better opportunities in Bihar as such jobs are recrietedoftenly.
  • Social Welfare: NGOs are a major attraction for the public of Bihar in jobs and benefits both.
  • Food & Consumer protection: Bihar government focuses very much on food industry assuring to provide the best health to its Bihar’s residents.

Government Most Recruited Jobs

Government Jobs are dream jobs there. Defense is not considered a very safe option in Bihar. And a few think it’s for the polished elite as far as the top posts are concerned. Politics is for the people who have no idea how difficult it can get. Journalism is one option where many of them go, but the numbers are relatively dismal.  Mediocre go for other options like Banks or Railways and the dreamy ones go for Civil Services. Thus opportunities are plenty when it comes to a government job, but it depends of a person’s mentality that whether he’s ready for some little struggle in the beginning or just want to reach the peak at once.

Frequency of Recruitment for Government Jobs:

The government jobs are not often recruited but the best opportunities lie in the government sector of Bihar. Recently Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) notified official jobs for filling up the positions for veterinary Services, moreover the same department has recruited for the Assistant Professors. Bihar State Power Holding has recently recruited for Junior operator candidates. Career blossoms in government sector more than in the private sector but public for Bihar mostly opt to go to other Indian states for starting their career.